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DIY Canadian Sketch Comedy.


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2018 - Regina - CVAF Screening

2018 - Boston - Dispatches from the Underground 

2018 - Hamilton ON - Videodrunk Best of Screening

2017 - Toronto ON - Videodrunk 2017

2017 - Regina SK - Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival

2015 - Regina SK - Art on Fire Comedy Showcase

2012 - Regina SK - Screening Under the Steeple

2011 - Regina SK - Saskatchewan Film Pool Screening 

Art on Fire is a sketch comedy collective based in Regina, SK.

Formed in 2009 by a a few punk musicians to realize a silly and objectively terrible idea for a comedy sketch, Art on Fire has self-produced and released dozens of subsequent (and much better) sketches and short films.

Driven by writer/director Rob White, Art on Fire has taken their DIY approach to the masses; having held their own sold-out screening in February of 2015 and winning a viewers choice award at the 2017 Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival. Our 2016 christmas sketch “Carol Among Us” achieved over 120,000 organic views on our Facebook page, getting picked up by notable punk-satire webzine The Hard Times.

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